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Know the Weather for your wedding

Considerations and warnings about the Weather for your wedding in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Tulum


Cold weather on December, January and February months

This is the coldest season get low as 14 Celsius at nights but still around 28 Celsius during the day.

Rain stops pouring and It is not frequent as other months therefore humidity decreases  and heath get lower considerably

You may need to wear a sweeter during nights specially if you are by the beach, It feels colder as winds blows.

This season is probably the most confortable weather for weddings

December and January are consider busy months, ideal season for weddings, prices increase a bit and occupancy is always at the fullest


Busy and hot weather on March, April and May months

These months  weather starts to get hot but still not so humid, lowest cools down to 20 celsius at night and 30 celsius during the day.

Weather rarely rains and ocean is calm and wave free, During this season  Ocean color blue and turquoise are so intense, sand is completely free of seaweed.

Consider the spring brake and holy week days if you are looking for more private wedding

Sunset starts at 7pm so prepare your first dance during this magical hour and get amazing first dance shoot or instead a bride and Groom shooting


hottest and more humid weather on June, July and August months

This is the hottest season in Cancun , Playa del Carmen,  Tulum and throughout the Riviera Maya also the most humid, nights cool down to 23 Celsius and days around 34 Celsius.

These 3 months are the busiest months, schools vacation during July through August is the main reason why there are a lot of people visiting the Riviera Maya.

It is strongly  hot and humid that the sweat is something inevitable when people are outdoors.

Light outfits like linen and white and kaki colors are a good suggestion for your wedding specially If the Ceremony and Reception is outdoors

Drinking alcohol and not hydrating drinking water can be tricky, specially for not recommended midday ceremonies

In general  Riviera Maya weather is  accurately unpredictable always have a plan B

Ceremony time during these season is recommended to be 2 hours before sunset starts, guest will be more confortable with heath and can fully enjoy the ceremony. Ceremonies during midday are not recommended due to intense hot, 10 to 2pm.


Those are not stars, It is rain! but just some photographers know how to use rain for a great shoot

these are not stars It is rain - Weather for your wedding in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya - By Ivan Luckie Photography

Slow season weather on September, October and November months

Temperature starts to heat down although heath is enough to enjoy the warm beaches, It may get colder during the night.

It also may suddenly rain, whether is unpredictable and winds form north when hit warm winds from caribbean may suddenly create rain

Here is where officially storms and hurricane season begins but hurricanes rarely show up and prices accommodation drop up to half price, some prices drop more than the half,  It is a good time for tight budget weddings

Don’t be afraid of this months it rains rarely, Just have a plan B


Good photographers can do great things when It is pouring rain
wedding rain - Weather for your wedding in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and The Riviera Maya - By Ivan Luckie Photography

Helpful Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya weather links

These helpful link will show you sunset time and weather forecast, sue them to better plan your wedding for rainy season and sunset times, Remember Quintana Roo state which includes Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and the Riviera maya, the  hour time is always day light saving time, so during winter you can enjoy more daylight time for your wedding

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