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Viceroy Riviera Maya wedding photography

Let’s talk about making photography, not even tell a story, just one photo.

To make a photograph is like finding the X result in a mathematical equation, you need to solve a series of variables to find the X result.

The X result, the photograph,  It’s going to be always different when each person find the result, why? Each person must have different artistic vision due to experiences and knowledge that leads the composition and use the light in different perspectives.

Furthermore the technical abilities are affected by knowledge, basically all you have learned about making photos with equipment. Equipment Limitations, nowadays each 1 or 2-year Cameras get better technology and some lenses come out with amazing light handle, Lights are manufactured with more power and shape-control, and finally, Technical skills which is what photographer knows about equipment and applies efficiently to Specific Circumstances.

Naturally there is always something we can’t control at all or that we depend on to get the X result or the photography, These are the specific circumstances that could be fix or dynamic, the features of those Specific Circumstances are the rate, length, intensity and photographer’s physical liberty to perform in the surrounded physical areas.

The result is affected by the Artistic Vision, the Technical Abilities and Specific circumstances.

Selecting a photographer is by consequence all said before but there is valid shortcut like understand the photographer’s vision by visually like the photographs and by the photographer’s experience measured by time and amount.

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