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Tulum cenote underwater photos

I know people doubt about doing cenote underwater photos, great memories happen in great situations

Clients have the option to do it or make our make it happen.

Great experiences don’t happen without client participation, live a great experience with an underwater photo shooting

After researching the Riviera Maya each year, I have found locations that work for photos the full year, they are always crystal clear.

with more than 300 underwater shootings, I have developed a safety process for you.

No, your wedding dress will not ruin, we will wash it in the crystal clear cenote fresh water.

If you have more questions about doing a cenote underwater photos check out this post with most common questions about trashing your dress

It is a safe activity, since Cenotes we use do not have currents, plus we look for a cenote with shallow spots

There is nothing easy with amazing results, we will work hard in order to get out of this world underwater wedding photos

Water is neither cold or hot, cenote water temperature is just perfect, people get used to it immediately after diving.

We know cenotes that water is cristal clear year around, safe cenotes and the closest possible where clients are staying at

Saying all that consider us the best underwater wedding photographers in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, The Riviera maya, Cancun and Mexico.

Watch more underwater trash the dress samples

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