I am A documentary photographer based in south Mexico as a freelancer, my objetive is to create conscience of realities through stories and turning them into human hisery heritage memories.

Have been in +1000 events; +12 years photographying; traveled for my job to places I never imagine I would: Italy , US, Jamaica, Bahamas , Dominican Republic and Peru ;  congress speaker and photography educator.

Greatful to be listed in the top Photographers in Cancun and Mexico.

About Ivan Luckie

Hard to write about myself  write about Ivan Luckie

It is really hard when someone has to say something about oneself, Specially about Ivan Luckie myself, I am probably better say what I do enjoy more.

I like photography because it is a way to say something in a different way, to express oneself of what you see, and addition of speak, behave and because compared with all these, with less you say there are an infinite number of words, and like a book each ones appreciated differently.

Earth means my home, our planet has so many to teach us, to amaze us, like photography and life, nature will always has something to show us, something new, something different.

Starting from the nature, the civilizations and people, I have so many motivations to live, photography is the medium to turn those places, situations, people into memories.

Cats are misunderstood by many, they are a very interesting animals, more because we have a lot of them but no one interact close to them, I have slept, played in the park, followed me like a dogs, communicated effectively of what they want, an amazing animal been.

About Ivan Luckie in La Quemada

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