soaking my wedding dress in water?

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Questions about trash your wedding dress underwater

This trashing the  Wedding dress  tendency began with some radical acts against it, since carefully burn the wedding dress but taking care of the bride until a simple elegant day after wedding session, It all depends mainly on photographer vision or area tendency.

Does my wedding dress get dry quickly after “trash the dress”?

Photography session known as “Day After”, “Trash the dress”, Rock the fock” or “Fearless bridal” wearing one more time to do an underwater photography goes beyond charming and magical impression.

Does my wedding dress get ruined after “trash the dress”?

Does my wedding dress get dry quickly after “trash the dress”?

check the label of your white dress, most dresses are made of polyester, it doesn’t soak the water as cotton, after shooting around 400 underwater trash the dress, I certainly know your dress gets dry completely in 3 or 4 hours, ready to pack and travel back home! check this link for most common wedding dress fabric

Does my wedding dress get ruined after “trash the dress”?

It might, just the same possibility during your wedding day, but getting it wet may complicate things a little more than just that, especially If the dress is made of linen, cotton or silk, but anything far from what could happen during the wedding day, I won’t say anything out of the possibilities on what is invoiced naturally in this activity, anyway I think a great memory that remains a certain moment in our life while wearing the wedding dress will worth more than just a dress that will probably end up forgotten in the wardrobe than a picture that will be enjoy by generations in life.

Does my wedding dress get dirty badly after the trash the dress?

Does my wedding dress get dirty badly after the trash the dress?

If you trash the wedding dress in the ocean, cenote or just in town and arounds the wedding dress doesn’t get as dirty as when you get married, actually in a cenote the wedding dress comes out clean, yes the ocean leave it cleaner also and  trash the dress in town or arounds  won’t get it worse than when you got married.

Do wear a wedding dress for a trash the dress is safe?

Any activity in life has a risk, even jogging on the street you may be hit by an out of control car, possibilities are minimized at maximum when right precautions are taken, I can say that after more than 400 underwater trash the dress on the beach or ocean and cenote I certainly know the safest practices for this kind of shooting, I won’t describe all those practices in this post but I will recommend you to go with a very well photographer that has enough experience in this activity of shooting underwater.

Wear your wedding dress just 2 times in life

Since you already know a trash the dress won’t ruin your dress at all, why don’t use it one more time? The second time you wear your wedding dress will be a time when you are not going to worry about get it dirty, you won’t have to check on anything to go as planned, you won’t have to take a last minute decision because something change, you are not going to go under pressure time to fulfill the wedding calendar and all just for beautiful and gorgeous trash the dress photos!

What If I want to use the wedding dress for my daughter wedding?

It may happen, I would consider times change tendencies on fashion and styles are going to be, for sure different, more than 22 years from the day of your wedding is not a timeframe that we could guess how things are going to be.

Now you have a big idea of what is going to happen with your wedding dress, nothing but great memories of your marriage stage


I am Ivan Luckie, I have shot more than three hundred of this underwater portraits, if you want to see great ideas for underwater photography just follow this link










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