San Cristobal wedding photographer

San Cristobal wedding photographer

Getting Ready Location: Diego de Mazariegos
Wedding Location: San Cristobal de Las Casas

For those Bride and Groom bohemios who want to get married in an authentic mexican location rounded by woods, mountains, warm mexican people and some wooden huts where the heat is gotten firing pieces of dry wood, you must take a look at San Cristobal de las Casas town, your wedding will be dream-like!

First I would like to thank Karlen and Jaime, bride and groom of course, even they had a  great fancy wedding they are also amazing persons and not fancy at all, I mean they are so humble and I love this kind of clients, because you get all of them, the real client personality, and during the wedding I felt really honoured to be treat like a person.

This was a long mexican wedding, as always. a wedding that started at 10 am and finished the next day at around 6 am, I was melted but happy, I knew the results I may probably get, so I was so anxious to start working on the pictures even I knew It was going to take a while but will worth the wait.

I am wishing to come back a shoot again a wedding in San Cristobal, I am sure I will get back again and do a more extensive Bride and Groom session having the bride wearing the wedding dress :)

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