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reasons to go for a beach wedding

Make your mind and go for a Beach Wedding in Mexico, I tell you why!

Amazing beach wedding Backdrop

I know there are many great places  in the world to choose from,  beach has a unique charming attraction that we all desire, a jaw-drop scenario with deep blue skies, perfect white sands, an incomparable blue turquoise ocean, all them get along perfectly sot an amazing beach wedding backdrop!




Beach wedding means peacefulness 

When we all think on scape from the day to day routine of our work and monotonous every day activities the first thing that comes to our mind is the  relaxed, calmed quite and unwinding Beach, now imagine having this mood in the environment for your beach wedding, could it be more perfect?


Nothing is like Mexico and its people

I can confirm  the warmth of mexicans people is unlikely any other in the world, always smiling with great humor sense the service is unbeatable, your beach wedding will not only have the best scenario, tranquility and closest family but everyone around involved and not involved will make your event unforgettable, you need to come and see yourself or simple talk to someone who visit Mexico.

Mexico is inexpensive

Once I talked to a bride who got married in 2009 in Cancun, she told me she would had spent at least $10,000 USD  in a New York City wedding instead she spend only $4,000USD in a beach wedding in Mexico, since mexico workforce and making a living in Mexico is cheaper than countries like Unites State, Canada, United Kindom, etc any service or product will be inexpensive that buying the equivalent in those countries, you can buy in Mexico a Corona beer for less than a American dollar in those countries you pay around 5 USD for the same beer.


Mini vacations

I found out that most of wedding guests when they flight out of your country, they don’t flight for 1 day, they do for more than 3 days, every one will love the idea to spend some days before or after your beach wedding, in certain age of out lives It is so hard to get together, some are super busy, some other live across the country or for a reason we never know we always miss someone when gather together, isnt your wedding of your best friends the best reason to meet all?

Laid back people = enjoy at top

Let your guests and you feel the relaxing beach wedding atmosphere by walking barefoot, wearing linen and  chilling under the ocean breeze to experience the most relaxing scenario.

True intimate beach wedding

Beach weddings  are intimate of nature, attended only by closest friends and closest family members,  usually attended by 20 to 50 guests, beach wedding turns high emotional and uninhibited thus so unrepeatable and charming.

 Perfect Beach weather

You wont have to deal with cold weather because  the whole year the temperature is around 80 Fahrenheit or 27 Celsius, beach is regularly windy which makes days feel cooler but still warmth enough to fully enjoy the beach, pools and your beach wedding, It barely rains and when It happens It is isolated rain, the high contrast of the dramatic clouds against the beautiful blue turquoise of the ocean is just a magical view.

Plenty of places to go out

You will not only have a perfect beach wedding, but also any moment to get bored, staying at all inclusive resort you will have all you need in it delicious food, a wide variety of non alcoholic or alcoholic tropical beverages, lots of night shows, night club inside the resort, theaters, beach sports and beach activities, kids club, this is only inside your resort but if you go out you can visit ancient Mayan cities, amazing underground water system like “Cenotes”, islands with amazing cliffs and gorgeous views, the best entertaining parks in Mexico among the best ones in Mexico Xcaret or Xel-ha, you, your family and closest friends wont forget this magical experience.

Tattooed Bride and Groom portraits in their Beach wedding creative shoot in a Beach wedding Beach wedding and jungle shoot Beach wedding silhouette photo Beach wedding back light shoot










It doesn’t matter any where you go, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Tulum or the “Riviera Maya” the Mexican caribe is the right place for your beach wedding

I am a wedding photographer who has shoot over 1,000 wedding on the beach, I have fully enjoy and experienced what is involved in beach weddings.

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