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Krystal and Terrell Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding

Have I said before that I love document weddings? I guess I have said in every post and there is nothing further away and amazing than truth.

Before I forget, you came from my Facebook post, I posted some few photos, now you will see more and a little more written context

At the end, If you read me, you will see a photo slideshow with a lot more photos of this gorgeous black wedding.

Watch this post for a neighbor resort at Isla Blanca area in Isla Mujeres land side next to Cancun Hotel Zone

I am always aware, hearing, listening, constantly looking at my arounds just to catch whatever moment suddenly happens, I catch the bride throwing the bra, with style!
Sneak in harmoniously with the goal of not ruin moments, it’s a feline thing, thank God for this moment.
Little wider view of the divine moment of thanks God for the wedding, all good so far! no rain, no sargassum! YES!
I damn love people living it up! groom does, I couldn’t get my job done without them, thank you!!!
Look at the bride, isn’t it amazing? you will see all post, every single image, happy people! real memories

gosh! shinny day! clean beaches in Playa Mujeres and the best clients! one more point to stay shooting weddings and not come back yo the Oil Industry (joking I wound’t stop doing photography)

The groom, surprisingly, got on his knees, put the ring on… you better keep watching and find the full wedding slide show at the end and see it.
I didn’t mention before, but those flowers in the venue, are simply incredible, It’s a super idea, the Finest Playa Mujeres did a great job in wedding details
Although every guest connected to the wedding mood, I wish some of them forget about their phones and enjoy. Fully Enjoy or get your photo and video, can’t be both, it’s not the same.
Newlyweds know that, stressful moments of wedding planning are OVER! Time to dance, laugh and get drunk! Well that is what all do.
My AP goin’ psycho lil’ mama bad like Michael – sorry I just started singing this song but It’s for another king of event :/
It is just that I want to dance and believe me, I am SO BAD dancing! but looking at this wedding photos I was caught
wedding guest are ready to party, wait! they are party already
Come on guys, get crazy, we have just some few hours and this wedding is huge!
Krystal trowing the bouquet, lets see who is coming next saying I do!
the same for the boys, Terrell aiming bling, I am sure he know who is the nest groom to be
Not sure If all Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding are like this, but I want to come back, I want to give people more love stories
This guy, is he a basketball player? oh I am sorry non of my business, thank for be authentic, and forget about me ;)
Don forget to click on the next photo that actually is a slideshow :) my full 63 favorites photos!!

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