Hello! I'm Ivan Luckie a Cancun family photographer.

Via a documentary and journalistic style, I capture beautiful moments while you enjoy your family, snapping valuable smiles and laughs including the gorgeous surrounds and turning them into photography memories.

Have seen +1000 events; +12 years capturing gorgeous situations; traveled for events among the most important venues: Italy , US, Jamaica, Bahamas , Dominican Republic and Peru ; usually speaking in congresses; I am a trusty professional.

Honored and humble to be named within top Photographers in Cancun and Mexico. 

I am the solutions to your photo needs.

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Sweet Fifteen portraits Tulum underwater beach

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Sweet Fifteen Portraits Tulum

I took a long time when to try different kind of photography disciplines other than weddings, I didn’t knew the great benefits I will develop in my own photography.

Sweet fifteen portraits is something I enjoy a lot, Photographer excited and  know the teenager are so excited for this shooting connects we both and put us in the same page looking for awesome portraits.

Ana as I imagined  She were a bit shy but little by little she got confident and start enjoying the shooting in Tulum.

With a bright blue eyes and a curious sight she got into it and inspire part of my creative sense

fifteen portraits tulum

With some work out underwater portraits can be awesome, we both suffered enough to wait a bot for the results when myself start to work on her photos and finish them

underwater fifteen portraits tulum

We found a mountain rock just in the beach we could get gorgeous views

Beach fifteen portraits tulum

parents must give a chance and take their daughter to do  underwater portraits with experience photographers, It is not a simple photography discipline, I took me almost 10 years of hard work and experience to make every single one successfully

I think we can see the  people’s soul when there is a willing of the subject been shot to show it up when they feel confortable and there is confidence in the photographer

Finding a place to do underwater portraits means visit several locations during a whole day and see how things change for the photography

Also portraits in land must be in a place with different background options to make photography look creative