Hello! I'm Ivan Luckie a Cancun family photographer.

Via a documentary and journalistic style, I capture beautiful moments while you enjoy your family, snapping valuable smiles and laughs including the gorgeous surrounds and turning them into photography memories.

Have seen +1000 events; +12 years capturing gorgeous situations; traveled for events among the most important venues: Italy , US, Jamaica, Bahamas , Dominican Republic and Peru ; usually speaking in congresses; I am a trusty professional.

Honored and humble to be named within top Photographers in Cancun and Mexico. 

I am the solutions to your photo needs.

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San Pancho Family Photographer

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San Pancho Family Photographer – I have to start with tara beautiful comments about her family portrait photos:

“I have to tell you again how much we love your photos. They are just gorgeous. I keep looking at them again and again. I can see why your clients fly you all over the world! ”


I am not sure what a client mainly look for, is it about the quantity of photos? How long does shooting takes? how popular photographer is? if photographer  knows well area?

I’ll answer from my heart, I believe it is the trust clients give me, new places get me excited and inspires me at full.

I am sure Tara was confident to hire me because she convinced herself for the photos she saw, of what i see and capture.

I guess she didn’t  just decide for the visual fact, so many things around had her mind set to go for my work, Tara didn’t know I will travel from the other side of Mexico for her family photography.

San Pancho is a dream place, you may think the caribe is beautiful and It is, but pacific is amazing too.

Reality is that each people see different the same subject, and here is when photographer differences form the others.

We love to provide memories, we are here to help, to reaming those beautiful moments San Pancho family photographer

Here the story slide show of her beautiful family