San Pancho beautiful secluded Beach at Nuevo Vallarta

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Tara first comments about her documentary family lifestyle portrait session:

“I have to tell you again how much we love your photos. They are just gorgeous. I keep looking at them again and again. I can see why your clients fly you all over the world! ”


I am not sure how exactly this photo hiring process work, is it about the quantity of photos? How long does the shooting takes? how popular the photographer is? if the photographer  know very well the area? or lives right there and know more?

I’ll answer right from my heart, it is the trust clients give me, the photographer to use my photography life experiences to reflect my vision in photos, that excitement that only stand out when new things come into scene and inspires me at top.

I am sure Tara was confident to hire me because she convinced her eyes with my photos, actually my vision expressed in images.

I guess she didn’t  just decide for the visual fact, so many things around had her mind set to go for my work, Tara unknown I will come from the other side of Mexico just for a “simple” family session.

San Pancho is a dream place, you may think the Caribbean is beautiful and It is, pacific is beautiful too, but no one can see what I see and this makes me unique when document moments is all about.

Here the story slide show of her beautiful family