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Regina kids Portraits Monterrey

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Why kids Portraits is important for us? When we take a single photo we take it because in some way It is important to us so unintentionally we act taking pictures like this without notice the real reason we are taking it but at the end it is because we care about the subject been photographed, so we are not thinking on what we really care sometimes in worthless things.

Photos become part of or legacy because photography freeze moments that pass in our lives, they are certainly remarkable and certainly feel no importance at the happening moment but those moments will for sure be a small part of our whole picture life, doing kids portraits are meant to be part of our legacy unfortunately kids can decide for this.

When photographs are shared they communicate, they can tell a 1,000 words with a single image, photos are more than a simple life record, goes beyond  the world we are aware of, they express happiness and joy or sadness and sorrow, sometimes as kids we find no words to express something but or corporal expressions can tell much, those expressions will be part of out personality when we grow up but we are not able to identify, Kids Portraits is something we encourage parents to do in the coming years looking at those photos will bring us more than a moment in time but how our kids personality was shaped with the past of the years.

We are blessed we could photograph great people, great friends, we just can’t thank God enough to have her as our “ahijada” and hope we are near enough to not miss so many moments in her life, we can’t wait to come back to Monterrey.

We are 2 photographers, Husband and wife, parents of 3 children Anell and Ivan, meant to turn your moments into memories.

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