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Lourdes Thomson Hotel Maternity portraits

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A maternity portraits worth to do for many reasons, the main one is to keep record of your nice pregnant body shape of course but there are more reasons why a maternity portraits worth the price.

To remain a certain part of our lives, so important as the first baby coming, or the second, third or any of them, Looking at the maternity portraits will transport us to a wide memories back in time.

It could sound simple but flash back in the past is something we all enjoy until cry, why lose the opportunity or have the luxury of not having those images and moments? some day you will regret.

If you are on vacations, like Playa del Carmen, isn’t this place fantastic? you can have both worlds in the same memory, you can have the beautiful blue turquoise water plus the white sands in your maternity portraits.


 Also you can wear all the wardrobe you want  and look fantastic, you can change 2 or 3 outfits for the maternity shooting, want more, just do it! you will radiate beauty.

You are not coming alone, do you? why not stand that handsome son to be father in the maternity photos, the husband is part of the maternity memories, remember we never know what will happen, It is better to have something than nothing, memories are also for the baby when grow up.

I know how important are the Maternity Portraits for you and your husband, just imagine the surprise face, feelings that your baby will experience when he or she grow up, looking at those photo memories, will It be magical

One important point  personally do in maternity portraits is make you feel conformable, you need to put a little bit of you so the final photo has part of the  photographer creation and part of your personality, this way I believe your maternity portraits will certainly be a real memory.

Photos are taken by me or by Anell my wife

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