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Maternity and its generous gifts

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Do you think you can love someone that have not seen before? Quickly people will say no, but what about If I tell you, yes you can,  that little guy in your belly is someone you will love without haven’t meet him yet.

That little guys will be almost identical to Mom and almost identical to Dad, not only physically but absolutely everything, yes you heard well, and I tell you don’t punish him for what you are.

I love the fact that you can hear the baby, feel moving, even not meet the baby before, love the baby and even enjoy the baby, who has enjoy a gift without opening it? Isn’t it marvelous!?

It’s not because I am a photographer, maybe yes, but isn’t the maternity photos irradiate tenderness and beautifulness?, isn’t it a stage where all men want to spoil an pamper the queen of the house?

Inside the belly, loved, interacting, enjoying a “gift” before opening, even with all these said, we still have the surprise to know If we welcome a boy or a girl, what else do we ask for to enjoy the pregnancy stage?

Isn’t pregnancy photos something unique and divine as the little guys that comes, I don’t want to sell maternity photos but isn’t worth the time and the money this memory?

A baby is one more reason within the relationship of 2, bring a bunch of happiness to out lives, If we based their education on principle and values, for sure joy and happiness will always come to our homes.

I cant imaging how boring our adult lives would be without kids, I can’t see a world without   the happiness a kid can radiate, no matter if there’s no money, If it is a really bad day, children are capable to transmit happiness in basically any situation.

Also the happiness a new born gives to our children its a great experience for them, not sure if you have though about it, but any children enjoy other children company

I believe the most important fact when we bring a kid to this world is to be responsable, I am not talking about give them good school, bog house, toys, I am talking about principles and values, not spoken, but teach by with actions.