Hello! I'm Ivan Luckie a Cancun family photographer.

Via a documentary and journalistic style, I capture beautiful moments while you enjoy your family, snapping valuable smiles and laughs including the gorgeous surrounds and turning them into photography memories.

Have seen +1000 events; +12 years capturing gorgeous situations; traveled for events among the most important venues: Italy , US, Jamaica, Bahamas , Dominican Republic and Peru ; usually speaking in congresses; I am a trusty professional.

Honored and humble to be named within top Photographers in Cancun and Mexico. 

I am the solutions to your photo needs.

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Lifestyle photography in Puerto Morelos Cancun

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Lifestyle photography in Puerto Morelos Cancun

When I do any photography besides weddings, when I read books, when I look at old painters, war photographers I feed my creativity and wider my personal and photography vision, vision is like our private opinion about a subject that we make it public therefore can’t be guess or predicted at all consequently  I am a photographer that constantly feed my vision to make it wider more personal.

This session may not look different than others but my soul was fed by tara, Richard, Sydd  and Ethan, It was a shame we worked only an hour in the Now Jade Resort in Puerto Morelos Cancun, look forward to meet them again and find another great family willing to open their mind and soul to be captured in memories for ever!