Hello! I'm Ivan Luckie a Cancun family photographer.

Via a documentary and journalistic style, I capture beautiful moments while you enjoy your family, snapping valuable smiles and laughs including the gorgeous surrounds and turning them into photography memories.

Have seen +1000 events; +12 years capturing gorgeous situations; traveled for events among the most important venues: Italy , US, Jamaica, Bahamas , Dominican Republic and Peru ; usually speaking in congresses; I am a trusty professional.

Honored and humble to be named within top Photographers in Cancun and Mexico. 

I am the solutions to your photo needs.

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Great Maternity Photos in Great Locations

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We know you only want Great Maternity Photos and we know where to go to great locations.

Great Sunset Maternity Photos .- we all love sunsets  right?, unfortunately they last a few minutes, they may be for 10 minutes, 1 minute or perhaps less than that, we know the right time for dream like sunsets, hire us!

Great Maternity Photos - sunset

Interesting light Maternity Photos.- Photography means painting with light, in general when we snap a shoot we get the light in frame in front of us, it needs deeply understanding of the light but basically is a never end subject, we are always learning and applying, we believe we understand how it works, try us!

Great Maternity Photos - Fantastic light

Unique Conceptual Maternity Photos.- It requieres planning for a better result, but there are beautiful stuff in the arounds, It is just matter of observation, we observe the arounds carefully looking for different stuff for great photography.

Great Maternity Photos - great idea

Gorgeous Details Maternity Photos.- It is all about you and your baby, your belly is a great subject to photograph and remember, isn’t It look beautiful? we observe, see the great stuff around and we take care of your maternity details.

Great Maternity Photos - Belly

Fantastic Moments in Maternity Photos.- Besides know how to see and get nice light, find great stuff and locations in the arounds, we catch also people essence, for us photography is not only what I said before, we talk to and listen to people to make them confortable, feel confident and magically show their personality, we love it!

Amazing angles for Maternity Photos

Great use of stuff around the location for Maternity Photos.- Context matters, getting a good photo involves light mainly, composition and a moment, composition  means using the backgrounds to make the people and the photo more interesting, get Great Maternity Photos is not simple as click the shutter button, we do a great effort to get amazing photos.

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awesome sunrise Maternity Photos.- as the sunset, sunrises are fantastic, if you want Great Maternity Photos sunrises you need to know the right time for that, before the sun rises that si the moment to wait, watch and capture!

We love to capture water reflections, they are just different than beach photos, we can Great Maternity Photos in any situation but the best time is only know by your photographer, let them work and do exceptional photos, let us capture part of your life legacy!