Delva Maternity photos

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These are the reason I think you should have Maternity Photos

1.- A condition to Celebrate

Been Pregnant  is not an everyday situation, actually it is a big event, not only for your life but a wonder condition of the mother nature, think about it, It sounds simple but It is a huge thing, we as society we wouldn’t exist, how many times in your life you are going to be pregnant? one? two? I don’t see why not do a maternity photos.

2.-  A quality Family moment

Maternity photos are a great  moment to spend a quality time with your family, it doesn’t need to be only you, what about your father and your mother? I bet they are very proud of your condition and what is coming along with it, besides parents or perhaps grand parents won’t be with us for the eternity, don’t think it twice. Also your hubby and siblings can be part of the memories.


3.- professional photos your best option

I am not against taking your own maternity photos, besides 2 or 3 pregnancy situations during your life is nothing that will broke your bank account, besides you can not take a photo and be in the photo at the same time unless you get only same-look selfies, a professional photographer will create interesting photos for you.

4.- surprises to your beloved ones

If your beloved ones do not participate in the shooting, believe me, they are going to enjoy the maternity photos just as you in some years away, with time passing, photos value increases

6.- Not expensive

would it be expensive to spend  around $600USD during your life for a maternity photos? woman get pregnant an average of 2 times in their life, perhaps you just want or can to get pregnant once in life, I don’t want to be negative but we’ll never know what’s coming

8.- Natural or posed?

Although this is not relevant to me, It may be for you, personally I do posed people when I need to, when I want the light to be as I am envisioning it, just make sure you talk  about it with your photographer you you feel confortable, but remember, It may not matter how you  look today, you would always like to look like yesterday.

I am so thankful people trust in my work, I have shot Delva trash the dress, engagement and her wedding