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Best outfit for a family beach photos

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I have been photographer for many years, I started wedding photography around 2007, when I was so busy shooting weddings I found in family photos a less stressed and smooth photo session, I want to share my experiences shooting Family Beach Photos.

I have shot more than 300 family beach photos and now I will tell you what I consider the to wear the best outfit for  a family beach photos

Family Beach photos - Gran Coral Beach - Playa del Carmen - Ivan Luckie Photography


the most important point for me, over all, is feeling confortable, family members will look relaxed, happy and free to have a great time when truly enjoy the family beach photos, don’t push kids to wear something they don’t feel pleasant to wear, remember the way you feel will be the way you look in the photos.


we want to enhance the people moments, this is naturally shown by a true and authentic situation, regarding what to wear for  a family beach photo, a red outfit against the blue colors of the ocean are a great idea to pop both people and the backdrop, a yellow outfit will contrast perfectly in a vegetation spot, a red outfit will fit in both situations.


Comfortable is not only what makes you feel beautiful,  in hot places you will need something to help yourself  like linen and cotton, they are natural, feel soft and put you in the most possible fresh feeling sitiation.

Baby sit on the beach - Family Beach photos - Gran Coral Beach - Playa del Carmen - Ivan Luckie Photography


Barefoot is the most comfortable way to deal a family beach photos, If location is sandy barefoot will be perfect, if there are some rocky areas a delicate flat sandals will do the job to keep your feet comfortable.


It will depend on you, some people barely open their eyes and some other have no problem, It is a very good idea to bring your sunglasses to the Family Beach Photos and wear them for some shoots


As previously suggested, a fresh, contrasty backdrop color and a confortable  outfit is the best option for a family beach photo. Regarding the style I have split in men and women below…

For women a bit long dresses are an awesome idea specially when dresses are flowy, Freezy and light

For Men linen pants or short pants are a must, short or long sleeve also look gorgeous just make sure you roll up the sleeves.


Remember you want to have photo memories and this is the main reason you are having a family beach photos, therefor  keep accessories to the minimum, for sure, they will enhance  and pop the outfit and pop the family members otherwise accessories will take the attention and will be distracting

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Family Beach photos - Gran Coral Beach Club - Playa del Carmen - Ivan Luckie Photography