Delva and Manuel Bacalar photo session

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Bacalar is a visual pleasure, a place that all humans must visit at least once in their life, magical colors a range of a total of  7.

I did Delva and Manuel engagement session in Xilitla, always a pleasure to meet the people again, this time for the trash the dress in Bacalar.

The weather forecast wasn’t promising a good time, it didn’t rain just exactly when we were doing the photoshoot but those opportunities are not always showing up for photographers, in the end, we got a gorgeous backdrop.

We arrive to Bacalar 2 days before the shooting just to check possible spots, It was hard to choose but we finally did, we found some shallow water of a mix of bluish and greenish colors, the light was great but changing direction often as clouds move faster, it seems clouds were surrounding us.

I am thankful to find people like Delva and Manuel, we had a great time swimming, having some Margaritas and enjoying Bacalar, I feel in debt with them.

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