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Cindy and Jorge Xcaret wedding

A place that everybody would love to visit, work at, know in any one life is Hacienda Tres Rios, where the beach is fantastic, and if you don’t like salt water then It has a unique, gorgeous fresh cenote water like-river, or breath taking save jungle areas.

Cindy, a princes girl, “linda”, and Jorge a gentleman who deserve someone like Cindy prepared to their big they in a way I would love to see in every single wedding, die to see the other.

I have meet tons of grooms, perhaps 800, most of them are worried about having fun with their friends, the weddings is just something they have to do in order to fulfill society order, not Jorge at all.

Sweet Cindy seems to imagine the moment to see his handsome groom, wishing the momento to happen, illusions surrounded our brains but she saw them

A wedding, for a father, it’s like their own wedding, everything is important but they are not the protagonists, everything should be perfect.

the wedding dress is something vital, a bride will not be a bride without it

Jorge got a bless from his father, he knows marriage is not easy, knows Cindy is the right person but this hug says “no one knows” and we all need a huge hug from someone that love us to death

I say and I always will repeat, getting ready stage is the best wedding stage, pure, honest and real when you are with your beloved ones.

Jorge! you are so lucky! be a gentleman and love Cindy, protect her, love her and be always on her side, support her and don’t let her down! I believe you are made for each other, love you guys!

The moment where Cindy and Jorge saw before the catholic ceremony, sin’t it jus amazing!!!?

Sister, Groom Jorge and Momy

Everything were ready for the xcaret wedding, held in Guadalupe Chapel were all is a dream!

xcaret wedding

I told you, Jorge is the one for her, My photos are true and honest, so they were!

yeah! Authentic Jorge, not fake in front of society, I love this guys, thank you Lord for having such great people to photograph!

xcaret wedding Cindy and Jorge

Chapel of Guadalupe xcaret wedding

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