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Blue Venado Beach Club Wedding

Blue Venado Beach Club Wedding


I have been working now for 10 years in the wedding industry, I believe enough time to have a better idea on perfect spots for weddings.

Clients, properly Bride and Groom, look for the best spots, but when It comes to a destination wedding, planning this from the far is not quite easy.

Photography and photoshop come along perfectly and can be use for benefit or damage.

For example when you look at a nice website and see the perfect blue turquoise water of the venue to be, because someone change the ocean  color, erase a bunch of people and whiten the sand in photoshop, now It doesn’t sound nice

Anyway at Blue Venado Beach Club Wedding it doesn’t happen because It is beautiful and  water are blue turquoise and sands are white.

So please delight with this awesome location, free of tourists, yes I mean it, beautiful and haste free and fully private far from city but just 15 minutes away driving.

So my clients asked me the first emails we exchange, If I will be funny to work with, will we laugh? and I though well what about if they don’t laugh and I say yes… hahaha I knew It was going to be fantastic

They are awesome couple the perfect bride and Groom, I love when people respect my work, the way I do it, the way I perform it and when I am really free to do whatever is in my mind, these are C+A

What is my best location for weddings? those that I am meant to discover and explore that will blow out my mind with awesomeness of the unknown and turn into a new photograph.

Although Blue Venado Beach Club Wedding is not an unknown location, it is beautiful and big enough to find always great photos.

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