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Allison and Harry Sikh wedding

Allison and Harry Sikh wedding

Allison and Harry celebrated a beautiful sikh ceremony known as well as Anand Karaj.

Barcelo Mayan Palace was witness of this great celebration in a beautiful white gazebo where all guest enjoyed the sacred service while women worn colorful dresses and men worn on top heads turbans.

All guess sat praying for the good of this newly matrimony, guru lead this sikh ceremony during an hour while heat hit hard at midday.

Turban and Kurta Pajama jacket is a classic outfit for man to wear in the sikh ceremony as Harry shows in the photography

Allison cant look into the grooms eyes until both are seat in front of the guru so this happens, Harry wears a sehra a dangling garlands that cover his face.

the most common head accessory for a Sikh bride It’s a pendant called tikka as we can see Allison wearing a beautiful one

Right before the sikh ceremony both families got together for the Milni meeting to become  into one family. Key male family members from both sides exchange garlands and greet to each other, symbolizing family acceptance.

Followed by the sikh wedding ceremony a Christian wedding were performed in both Allison and Harry looked gorgeous

Of course we spend a brief time shooting Allison and Harry in their traditional sikh outfit and then in the  traditional occidental outfits.

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